Indigo Youth – Neon Nights

Indigo Youth – Neon Nights

There were really two key themes that inspired the track. The first was 80’s nightlife and the colourful imagery that comes to mind when you think of that particular decade. We often think of city streets dressed in shades of purple and blue, bursting with energy and overflowing with youth and the further we got into writing the track, the more it started to sound like something belonging to an 80’s movie soundtrack.

The second big theme which inspired Neon Nights was  the whole concept of escapism and nostalgia. When you have a routine and a day job and responsibilities, a night out is a way of escaping; we loved this whole idea of all your worries and troubles slipping away, and the only thing that you think about are the people and the sounds and images, dancing around the neon-lit streets.

With the music itself, we wanted to almost create something which built on our first single, So Good. This was much more playing with the idea of summer, it had more of a festival feel and was all about the nostalgia of the people you meet and the moments you share with them . Neon Nights kind of builds on this idea and almost takes you on, to a more Wintery, night-time place. It was important that the music itself reflected this; we had lots of layers of synth, and much punchier guitars, the vocals are also a lot more cinematic and powerful, whereas in So Good they were more dreamy.

With Neon Nights being very heavy on imagery and being almost poetic, we wanted the artwork to reflect this. The scene you see is actually a picture of our hometown, Barrow. The street you see takes you through the heart of Barrow’s music scene and into the midst of clubs and bars in which your inhibitions slip away.  

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Esmael Musaji
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